New Vision Graphics L.L.C. is a full service design studio. Our services include Web design & Development, Graphic Design, Photography, Brand-Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We pride ourselves on our impeccable turn-around time and outstanding marketing and design team. We envision your concept and execute it to fit your companies identity. We believe in the companies we support and when you succeed so does New Vision Graphics.





What is S.E.O.? We get that a lot… S.E.O. means search engine optimization. This affects your website within search engines such as Google & Bing. We have the tips and tricks to get your ranking up organically. We give you the tools to view your upgraded ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social media content is an important focus to NVG we make sure you are visible with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Directory Placement is an important part of ranking through platforms such as Yelp, online yellow pages, and other outlets.

Mobile & Tablet Design

It is a New Age of Design and we have various platforms that we view our sites and information on. We design your sites based on your needs.  Mobile Design is so important that is our starting point for our designs.


We pride ourself on our in-house design team.
Our team is the best of the best. We have vetted our designers and copywriters and have a cohesive and creative team.

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June Tapia

June Tapia

Creative Director

Has worked with many Online Advertising Agencies in South Florida. June oversees NVG’s design department with exceptional taste and well-organized standards.
Brittany Mitchell

Brittany Mitchell

Lead Programmer

Extensive knowledge in Database implementation, SQL, PHP, CSS, Flash, and Ecommerce. Brittany came aboard New Vision Graphics in early November 2013. We call her the “GURU” of programming languages.
Johan Ospina

Johan Ospina

Research & Development

An extraordinary mindful designer and programmer. Johan has a knack for understanding well written code and clean design.


We Believe in the companies we support…
When you Succeed so does New Vision Graphics.


CEO & FOUNDER, New Vision Graphics